Bob Eagle presents the following shows on hospital, community and faith radio stations:

You can listen to all programmes online by clicking on the station.
All times are the prevailing UK times.


Bob (who is also a physicist) has created a Physics YouTube channel which is free to watch with a variety of videos on subjects taught in Physics courses at GCSE, A Level and undergraduate level. Press here for a list of videos and here to go to the YouTube site.

Videos are organised into playlists:
A Level Physics Revision
GCSE Physics Revision
A Level Physics Exam Questions Examples
Atomic Physics
Electricity & Magnetism
Particle Physics
Nuclear Physics
Classical Mechanics
Special & General Relativity
Quantum Mechanics

Bob regrets that he is unable to answer questions about his physics videos, due to the very large number he receives. He suggests that you post your question in the comments section of the relevant video and others (probably much better able) may well answer.


Bob Eagle was indeed employed by the Crown. You can find out more about the day job here.

Senior Civil Service roles included: Head of Home Office Finance, Head of Crime and Disorder Bill Team, Director of National Asylum Support Service, Head of Sentencing Reform, Head of Nationality Bill Team, Head of Customs and International Trade, Director of Asylum Casework Directorate. He was also Secretary of Committee on Financing the BBC (Peacock Committee 1986) and Secretary of Review of Press Self-Regulation (Calcutt Review 1993).


Bob Eagle was a professional musician, singer and entertainer. These days he focuses mainly on his radio shows and includes one of his own songs in many of his shows. Although he no longer gives solo performances further information can be obtained here.


Bob has been booked from time to time to do consultancy work which picks up on his skills in leadership, management, communication, presentation, policy analysis, assessment interviewing and investigations work. As well as his knowledge of matters associated with criminal justice, immigration, broadcasting and the media.

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